Bottman Design Products

Greeting Cards

Bottman Design offers hundreds of great cards for any occasion. Paris Bottman's OKAY line of block-print cards are wonderfully colorful. The new Whirled Atlas cards feature vintage maps and images. Simon Drew continues to delight us with his British humour. Rain & Shine cards are a collage of fun. Definitely! We also have lots more cards by Once Upon a Card, Wild Indigo and many more.

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Wood Print Wall Art

Wild Bird images printed on wood planks - ready to hang on your wall. We off these images in a 12" x 16" size or a 14" x 20" size. There is a sawtooth hanger on the back. They all have four 'planks".

Mom's Day Cards & Gifts

Mother's Day may seem a long way off, but . . . Watch Out! . . . it will sneak right up on you. Order your Mother's Day cards and gifts now. We will throw in a little surprise with any order for Mom's Day items.

Valentine Cards & Gift

Valentine Cards and Gifts

Enclosure Cards

Bottman features the OKAY line of Enclosure Cards in a 3"x3" size. These cards come with a colored envelope. Remember that you can order the OKAY enclosures framed! Bottman also has a large collection of holiday enclosures and tags.

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Note Cards & Note Pads

Wild Bird note cards and matchbook notes, Noteables purse pads, Christmas matchbook notes.

Paper Napkins

Paper beverage napkins feature the art of Paris Bottman - Wild Birds and OKAY images. They are 5"x5" in packages of 20. The napkins are 3-ply, and are printed in Germany.

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The Rain & Shine family of products includes the Rain & Shine necklaces, featuring Jill Corriveau’s colorful and inspirational images enclosed in glass and surrounded by a silver solder enclosure. The necklaces have themes ranging from family and friends to dreams and desires. The Tweenkle-Tweenkle silver plated pendant necklaces feature a pendant with one of Jill’s images coated in clear resin. Both lines are sold with cards and envelopes in a clear sleeve. Rain & Shine has also produced a lin

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7" x 7" wood frames with a black satin stain come with a cream colored single beveled mat. Choose ANY of the OKAY enclosures.

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Christmas Cards, Enclosures, Notepads

All of the Bottman Design holiday cards, enclosures, and gift tags, including new collections from Paris Bottman.

Christmas Ornaments

Laini's Holiday Angel ornaments, magnets, sticky pads and more.

Christmas Item Closeouts

First quality resin figurines and ornaments from the Red Mittens and Green Stockings collections. These are all packaged in gift boxes. The close out cards and enclosures are deeply discounted


Bottman Design offers several different types of decorative fridge magnets. Two-level, laser-cut magnets feature the art of Paris, and Barbara. Flexible 2"x3" magnets feature Wild Indigo, Maren and Broad Appeal.

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Bath Teas

Bottman Design and Laini have teamed with The Enterprising Kitchen, a Chicago based organization dedicated to helping women work towards self-sufficiency. The Bath Tea Bags contain an all-natural blend of Dead Sea salts, skin softening essential oils and botanicals. Place the bath tea bag in a warm bath or a foot soak. Then relax, unwind, de-stress, and enjoy!

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The NEW Cat Tales Bookmarks are a playful way for all cat lovers to keep track of where they are in their favorite book. They feature Maren's wonderful art, coupled with humorous cat-related quotes. They are printed in full color on two sides and are satin film laminated. The "cat tail" is synthetic, of course! Each comes individually packaged with a header card.

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Floor and counter fixtures will display the Bottman Design product lines well.

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Bottman Design presents the "Little Love in a Box" collection of porcelain figurines by Paris Bottman. We also offer the "Red Mittens" collection of holiday figures by Paris.

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Flowerpots & Vases

Alicia Tormey ceramic flowerpots with seed packet gift enclosures and the Love Seat and Eiffel Tower bud vases.


A NEW collection of fill-in and imprintable invitations featuring the art of Paris Bottman, Sue Jenkins and Alicia Tormey. We offer two sizes - A-7 (5"x7") and #10 (3.825"x9.25") Note that the images come only in the sizes shown here. However, ALL are available as either a fill-in of as a blank imprintable. We print with heat resistant inks on 80# white, uncoated cover stock. ALL are completely ink jet and laser compatible. Available in boxes of ten invites/envelopes, or in bul

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Kitchen Line

Recipe journals and boxes, plus refill pages and recipe cards from Barbara Olsen.
Also some matching fridge pads and magnets.

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Limited Editions

Limited edition lithos and giclees by Paris Bottman. All signed and numbered. Framing is available.

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