Bottman Design Collections

Mary Lake-Thompson Collection

Mary Lake-Thompson is an well known and widely admired artist living in Oroville, California. Her artwork may be seen on flour sack towels, aprons, tote bags and many other products. Mary has licensed her artwork to us for everyday greeting cards and Christmas cards.

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Okay Cards

The appeal of the OKAY line of cards is based on their origin as hand-cut block prints. The cards are printed on a heavy weight matte paper from forests that are responsibly managed. The Mother's Day and Valentine cards feature die cut windows,and come individually sleeved in acetate.

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Valentine Cards & Gifts

Cards and gifts for that special romantic day.

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Mom's Day Cards & Gifts

Mom's Day is around the corner!
May 14th may seem a long way off, but . . . Watch Out! . . . it will sneak right up on you. Order your Mother's Day cards now.

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Matchbook Notes

These little matchbook note pads are 3-1/4" x 3-1/4". Each holds about 50 lined sheets that are perforated for easy takeout. All of these birds are interacting with something, whether it is an apple, a pear, a cookie, etc. The birds are very colorful, and the background patterns are wonderfully lively. There are sixteen total. Make sure to look for the Christmas Matchbook Notes!

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Wild Bird Collection

Wild bird art is featured on little matchbook note pads, magnetic fridge pads, little gift enclosures, and paper beverage napkins.

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Wild Indigo Collection

Wild Indigo is a collection of cards, magnets, magnetized pads all based on restored and colorized historical photographs taken from historical archives and family collections. These are then paired with relevant quotations and everday greetings.

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Maren's Cats

German artist Maren Schaffner has painted some wonderful cats, and Bottman has added quirky quotes. These blank cards are a delight.

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Once Upon a Card

Once Upon a Card's vivid, playful photography invites you into a captivating world of whimsy, romance, and sophisticated humor. The cards transport you to another place and time, renewing your sense of wonder and worth, or simply tickling you with good-natured ribbing.

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Paris' Christmas Collection

Paris Bottman's colored pencil art on holiday cards and enclosures.

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Close Out Products

All products featured in this section are ON SALE at 1/2 price!

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Special Delivery Cards

Let these wickedly whimsical special delivery messengers deliver your special wishes! Each die cut messenger carries a small card, with occasion appropriate greetings. Individuall sleeved.

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