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Mother's Day is coming up fast! It is not too late to order some Bottman Design Mother's Day cards. We have cards by OKAY Cards, Once Upon a Card, Wild Indigo and Beth Mueller. Those Little Love in a Box hand painted porcelain animal figurines make really nice gifts.

Buy 2 or more and you will receive an automatic 20% discount! The Little Love in a Box collection features 12 of Paris' characters, some with a little die-cut, multi-panel note tucked somewhere; and some with little resin charms. These are all hand painted porcelain and come in round collector boxes. They are from 3" to 3-1/2" tall.

A close-up of Paris' art tabletop in her studio. Note the carved rubber block to the right, the carving tools and the colored pencils. Here is how an OKAY card comes to life: Paris sketches a rough image, then sets to work with the carving tools on a fresh block, removing areas that will NOT print - sort of like drawing in reverse. The block is then inked and with the press, the image is printed on various kinds of art paper. Then she colors in areas with colored pencils. And then the final image is scanned and sent over to Tom for the pre-press work. To the printer, the binder and back to be assembled with colored envelopes and put in the box for UPS delivery to you.

Bottman Design has put together five "themed" Simon Drew card assortments. They are "For the Dogs", "Cat Lovers", "Food Lovers", "Wine Lovers", and "Bottoms Up". Each assortment contains two eac...

Just right for Spring - wild bird and flower themed paper beverage napkins. Made in Germany using a very eco-conscious process, these 3-ply napkins are chlorine free. There are twenty napkins per package.

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